How To Become An Olympic Or Elite Level Judo Player

Release Date:- 2018-08-06

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Author:- Rhadi Ferguson



This video course was inspired through the various conversations that I've had over the years with parents, athletes and coaches.  It was also inspired through my coaching system and process. Essentially what I am giving away for free here is the first session that I go through with many of my clients before they being training with me.   

Of course, every session is different because every clients is different and people have different goals but there are some staples to my process that will always be in place. What you get to see here are the questions that you must ask yourself and that you must get answered before you start on the elite training track.

Also this video will help you identify what has you "stuck" in term of your progress.  Many times we think that we have it all figured out and that we know what is best for us and for our children but we may not be correct. This video series will allow you to have some very real conversations with yourself, with your students and with you children

i hope you find it helpful and refreshing. And I also hope that you choose to hit me up via email or on any one of my social media sites to watch more videos and to continue to get more information.