Interior Design: Ultimate Essentials & Industry Techniques

Release Date:- 2020-04-29

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User Average Rating:- 79

Author:- Boki Kwok



This course covers Essential Design Theory and Specific Industry Skills that will take your designs to the next level.

This 1-hour course is divided into 5 sections + a bonus section; the lessons are filled with examples that demystify abstract concepts and walk you through how to apply useful design techniques in your own home.

What you'll take away from this course:

  • The Design Principles and how to use them

  • Color Theory and how to apply Color to Interior Spaces

  • How to elevate your home with Lighting Design

  • How to Select Paint Colors and Sheens

  • How to arrange Furniture, Artwork and hang Drapery

  • Bonus: How to live Luxuriously on a Budget

Don't worry - Whether you are a design enthusiast, a stay at home parent, or a busy professional - this course was created for students from all levels.