Ayurveda for Balanced Lifestyle - Master Certificate Course

Release Date:- 2021-07-17

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Author:- Dr. Pragya Gupta



This course will help you learn about the foundation and concepts of Ayurveda.

This Course includes:

>Video lectures explaining all the concepts of Ayurveda

>Manually added captions in English for better understanding

> Captions in french

> Free Ayurveda Cooking eBook containing 150 Ayurvedic Recipes

>Know your body constitution Questionnaire

> Health tips

>Ayurvedic Detox

> To the point lectures, no long stories

>Personal Health Recommendations

>Daily Routine with practical tips

>Practice Quizzes to review the lessons

>Guided Non sleep deep rest technique (NSDR/ Yog Nidra)

>Guided mediation practices

>Personalized Certificate from Dr Pragya Gupta

You will learn how to apply the teachings of Ayurveda in everyday life.

The main aim of Ayurveda is to protect the health of a person.

This course will educate you about the right diet and lifestyle to be followed which will help in maintaining a healthy life.

The balanced and the imbalanced state of Doshas will be explained.

The concept of three Doshas will help in determining the body constitution which is essential to choose what food and activities  suits you the best. You will be provided with the diet and lifestyle tips for each dosha dominance.

You will learn the concept of Agni which is the key to health. Tips to balance Agni or digestive fire will be provided.

You will learn different ways to boost immunity as per Ayurveda.

The Dinacharya or the daily regimen will help you in following a daily routine which will make sure that all the doshas are in balanced state.

The science of six tastes will help in knowing what should be the order of eating each taste.

You will be learning the qualities and benefits of eating six rasas or tastes .

The relation of six tastes and three doshas will help in choosing the right diet for a particular dosha predominance.

You will learn the compatible and incompatible food combinations as per Ayurveda.

The rules of eating curd and the properties of curd as per ayurveda will be explained.

The three gunas and sattvic, Rajasic, Tamasic Diet will be explained.

How to Fast the Ayurvedic way, Benefits of Fasting will be explained.

Some practical aspects like oil pulling, Tongue scraping, Self massage will be covered.

In addition  you will be learning Ayurvedic Recipes and Ayurvedic life hacks.

Some organic natural remedies for hair fall, eye health, lower back pain will be explained.

Quizzes are provided for self assessment.

Get personal health recommendations.

**You will also get a Personalized Certificate after the completion of this course.