Photoshop for Interior Designers

Release Date:- 2022-03-23

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Author:- Marcelo Gomez



This course is dedicated to Interior Designers and students that wish to improve their presentation skills in a quickly and efficient way.

Every chapter will introduce the student to fundamental techniques that will help to elevate the quality of their presentation material that without doubt will have an instant impact in colleges and clients.

We will start by learning how to eliminate and addition elements, furniture, lighting fixtures, etc to an existing compositions. We also will learn how to create and utilize patterns to create different finishes such as wallpaper, tile or wood flooring. I addition, the student will learn how to change colors of different surfaces such as furniture. Finally the student will learn how to render layouts from autocad. We all know how cold an autocad drawing can be and how difficult it is to sell an idea using cad drawing.

Photoshop for Interior Designers introduces step-by-step techniques for interior designers to successfully use Adobe Photoshop to visually communicate their design concept through graphic images and to illustrate design ideas through a visual thinking process. Instructions show how to integrate hand drawings and freehand sketches into digital drawings. Basic and advanced techniques presented include creating floor plans and elevations, preparing perspectives or isometric drawings, and applying materials, lightings, background and entourages for interior design presentations.