Leadership: The Emotionally Intelligent Leader

Release Date:- 2016-10-27

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Author:- Robin Hills



Emotional Intelligence is the strongest driver of leadership and personal excellence.

  • Leaders with high levels of emotional intelligence earn $29K more in salary than those with low levels of emotional intelligence

  • Every point increase in EQ (emotional quotient) is equivalent to $1,300 in annual salary.

As a leader you are responsible for generating trust, building authentic relationships and effective teams.  It is vital that you lead by example and inspire excellence in others.

This course will help you to develop and apply your emotional intelligence skills as a leader. You will learn more about your mode and style of leadership to grow other people, enhance their performance and personal satisfaction.

People often talk about positive and negative emotions.  This is not that helpful as emotions cannot really be labelled in that way.  The course also covers the myths around positive and negative emotions and why this terminology is not appropriate when working to understand emotions and emotional intelligence in the workplace as a leader.

By completing this course, you will be able to

  • Discover ways of working with emotional intelligence that lead to better outcomes with the people that you are responsible for

  • Appraise your social skills and your emotional intelligence

  • Recognise behavioral preferences and how to work with others with different preferences

  • Examine your mode and style of leadership and what you need to do to get the most out of difficult situations

  • Investigate ways that you are utilising and balancing your energy for maximum efficiency

  • Determine the best ways to manage and work with energy by utilising sources of energy to support energy dimensions

  • Determine how people would benefit from a coaching approach in changing circumstances

  • Recognise the importance of conflict and how you can work with it to build relationships

  • Identify ways to work with expressed emotions in empathetic and meaningful ways

Greater self-awareness will strengthen your leadership capabilities so that you can identify your emotional strengths and areas for development.

Within this leadership course, you will discover how the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) can be used in leadership. You will gain a different perspective of yourself as a leader in relation to your MBTI Personality Type.  Personality preferences are investigated, discussed, and correlated with various leadership situations involving people.  Additional, specific study methodologies and assessment techniques are shared so that you can build upon this, if you are interested in taking this further.

The course, also, covers emotional intelligence coaching and how to manage and resolve situations where conflict arises.

This course is a standalone course for anyone interested in understanding how work to more effectively with others as a leader.  It compliments other courses that explore emotional intelligence in more depth.

You'll receive all the information that you need and will be coached using loads of practical hints that you can use straight away.

The course is for you if you want to develop as a leader to improve the way that you interact with other people, the way that you make decisions and the way that you manage performance.

The course contains some challenging quizzes around real-life workplace leadership scenarios that will make you think.  There are a series of interactive exercises that involve some activity with other people and some reflection.

The course material makes up a one to two day workshop so is equivalent to 8 -12 hour's training. It forms part of our advanced emotional intelligence course approved by the Institute of Leadership and Management.

PLEASE NOTE - This course is NOT for you if you are not prepared to work through the practical activities that make up a fundamental part of the course.  Your leadership cannot be developed just by watching the video lectures.  It requires you to do some reflective thinking, to get some feedback and to discuss your development with others.  The practical activities have been carefully designed to help you to do this.  I'm afraid that you won't get the best from the course unless you are prepared to do this.

The course is being continually refined and updated to ensure it remains current and relevant.  Feedback is always welcome.  Please watch the preview lecture on Giving and Receiving Feedback in Leadership

The course contains a series of Lightbulb Moments resource cards, which have been created to provide you with handy reminders of key points around topics covered within the course.

All PDFs can be completed online and are Section 508 / ADA Accessibility compliant.

All videos are High Definition recorded in 1080p.

All videos have grammatically correct English captions.

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